PowerPivot with Data Analysis Expressions

  We would call PowerPivot with DAX the best thing to happen to Excel since Excel, but Bill Jelen (often referred to as Mr. Excel), just calls it the best thing to happen to Excel in 20 years.

The best explanation of what it does is that it turns Excel workbooks into industrial-strength applications.  PowerPivot basically allows business analysts to import data from ANY data source, in ANY location, connect them together quickly, and then create meaningful reports.

Imagine importing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of rows of data from the web, from a SQL database, from a local spreadsheet, from a spreadsheet on a network drive, AND from a .CSV file, pivoting on it ALL in a flash and then quickly publishing it to a Sharepoint site for your project team to view.

This isn’t just a reality, it is just the beginning.  Because when VBA and DAX are introduced, your Excel workbook turns into analytical juggernaut!  And when your boss asks you to change the report slightly, it doesn’t take days or weeks of chatting with your I.T. team;  it literally takes SECONDS to slice and dice your way to the new answers!

CIA is at the forefront of this exciting and ground-breaking technology.  Let us explain to you how we can put PowerPivot to work for you!