–  Construction Intelligence and Analytics‘ BI solutions can automate the integration of your disparate data into a question-answering datamart.  This integration of your data can then be scheduled to occur at whatever intervals your business needs require (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly).  The reporting metrics that you have chosen can then be e-mailed to you to keep you constantly abreast of the status of your project.  This kind of automation will prove to be priceless.  The information you need at the exact time that you need it!


  • Why does CIA utilize the technologies that it does?

–  The reason we use Oracle / Primavera P6, SQL Server Integration Services and QlikView is simple: they are all cutting-edge technologies that provide excellent ROI!

P6 is recognized among Project Management professionals as the only real choice for large-scale, enterprise-wide, CPM schedules.   It also is reasonably priced and has fantastic Oracle Customer Support to boot!

SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS also provide a powerful bang for their buck.   They are also world-class, industry-standard tools used for Business Intelligence implementations.  Purchasing (1) license of SQL Server will get you all of the above.  And you can also utilize it as your back-end database for P6.  It’s a perfect marriage!

QlikView is one the most progressive and arguably the most flexible BI tool on the market right now.  It has taken BI to the masses with it’s Business Discovery platform.  With QlikView, any end-user in an organization can make important business “discoveries” without the assistance of a BI Architect or an IT Programmer.  Their software is free (yes, free) and  unbelievably powerful!